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About Woodland

Woodland was originally founded in Quebec in the 1950s. After being purchased by footwear manufacturer and distributor, Aero Group, the Woodland brand was brought into the Indian market in 1992, where it quickly boomed due to the long-lasting durability and ultra-comfortable fit of its boots. Today, Woodland is a popular choice among active lifestyle and outdoor enthusiasts in India and around the world, with large markets in Russia, South Africa, Middle East and China. Through the partnership with ENAAF Inc., the official distributor of Woodland in Canada, the brand is coming back home.

Woodland offers rugged shoes, boots, apparel and accessories built for outdoor explorers. As a brand, the company is known for crafting products that capture the spirit of adventure through design and innovative features. The company keeps and maintains high standards in all areas of operations, from its expert manufacturing facilities, to its innovative construction, technologically advanced materials and commitment to sustainability and environmentally friendly operations.

Details about Woodland are also available at brand's root website https://www.woodlandworldwide.com/



Enaaf Inc. is the Exclusive Business Partner of Woodland in Canada.

With the exclusive rights to sell, ENAAF Inc. will be responsible for distributing all Woodland products – including footwear, apparel and accessories – in the Canadian market. A footwear and fashion company, ENAAF has been operating in North America for years, based in Toronto, and keeps its focus on offering products that are ethically and socially responsible – making the partnership a perfect fit.


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